Class Avogadro::QtGui::BackgroundFileFormat

class Avogadro::QtGui::BackgroundFileFormat : public QObject

The BackgroundFileFormat class provides a thin QObject wrapper around an instance of Io::FileFormat.

Unnamed Group

inline void setMolecule(Core::Molecule *mol)

The molecule instance to read/write.

inline Core::Molecule *molecule() const

The molecule instance to read/write.

Unnamed Group

inline void setFileName(const QString &filename)

The name of the file to read/write.

inline QString fileName() const

The name of the file to read/write.

Public Functions

explicit BackgroundFileFormat(Io::FileFormat *format, QObject *aparent = nullptr)

This class takes ownership of format and will delete it when destructed.

inline Io::FileFormat *fileFormat() const

The Io::FileFormat to use.

inline bool success() const

True if the operation was successful.

inline QString error() const

An error string, set if success() is false.

Public Slots

void read()

Use the fileFormat() to read fileName() into molecule().

void write()

Use the fileFormat() to write fileName() from molecule().


void finished()

Emitted when a call to read or write is called.