Class Avogadro::QtGui::GenericHighlighter

class Avogadro::QtGui::GenericHighlighter : public QSyntaxHighlighter

The GenericHighlighter class provides a regexp-based programmable syntax highlighter.

Public Functions

explicit GenericHighlighter(QObject *parent_ = nullptr)

Construct a highlighter with an empty rule set.

~GenericHighlighter() override
GenericHighlighter(const GenericHighlighter &other)

Construct a new highlighter using the rule set of other.

GenericHighlighter &operator=(GenericHighlighter other)

Replace this highlighter’s rule set with that of other.

GenericHighlighter &operator+=(const GenericHighlighter &other)

Concatenate other’s rule set with this highlighter’s rule set.

Rule &addRule()

Add a new rule to this highlighter, returning a reference to the new rule.

int ruleCount() const

The number of rules in this highlighter.

Rule &rule(int idx)

A reference to the rule at the specified zero-based index.

const Rule &rule(int idx) const

A reference to the rule at the specified zero-based index.

QList<Rule> rules() const

An ordered list of this highlighter’s rules.

Protected Functions

void highlightBlock(const QString &text) override


inline friend void swap(GenericHighlighter &first, GenericHighlighter &second)
class Rule

The Rule class stores a syntax highlighting rule as a set of QRegExp patterns and a text format.

Public Functions

inline Rule()
inline ~Rule()
void addPattern(const QRegExp &regexp)

Add the pattern regexp to this Rule.

void setFormat(const QTextCharFormat &format)

Set this Rule’s text format.

void apply(const QString &text, GenericHighlighter &highlighter)

Apply this rule to the string of text, updating the highlighter if any matches are found.