Class Avogadro::MoleQueue::MoleQueueManager#

class MoleQueueManager : public QObject#

The MoleQueueManager class provides access to a MoleQueue server.


This singleton class provides access to a single MoleQueue::Client instance that can be used to communicate with the server. The available queues and programs are cached in a MoleQueueQueueListModel (queueListModel()). The connectIfNeeded convenience function can be used to ensure that the client is connected before use.

Unnamed Group

Client &client()#

A reference to the managed Client instance.

const Client &client() const#

A reference to the managed Client instance.

Public Functions

explicit MoleQueueManager(QObject *parent_ = nullptr)#
~MoleQueueManager() override#
bool connectIfNeeded()#

Test if the client is connected, and if not, attempt a connection.


True if the client is already connected or a new connection has been successfully created. False if the new connection failed.

MoleQueueQueueListModel &queueListModel()#

A QAbstractItemModel subclass representing the queue/program tree.

Public Slots

bool requestQueueList()#

Request that the cached queue list is updated.


True if the request is send successfully.


void queueListUpdated()#

Emitted when the internal queue list is updated.

Public Static Functions

static MoleQueueManager &instance()#

The singleton instance.