Class Avogadro::QtGui::BackgroundFileFormat#

class BackgroundFileFormat : public QObject#

The BackgroundFileFormat class provides a thin QObject wrapper around an instance of Io::FileFormat.

Unnamed Group

inline void setMolecule(Core::Molecule *mol)#

The molecule instance to read/write.

inline Core::Molecule *molecule() const#

The molecule instance to read/write.

Unnamed Group

inline void setFileName(const QString &filename)#

The name of the file to read/write.

inline QString fileName() const#

The name of the file to read/write.

Public Functions

explicit BackgroundFileFormat(Io::FileFormat *format, QObject *parent = nullptr)#

This class takes ownership of format and will delete it when destructed.

inline Io::FileFormat *fileFormat() const#

The Io::FileFormat to use.

inline bool success() const#

True if the operation was successful.

inline QString error() const#

An error string, set if success() is false.

Public Slots

void read()#

Use the fileFormat() to read fileName() into molecule().

void write()#

Use the fileFormat() to write fileName() from molecule().


void finished()#

Emitted when a call to read or write is called.