Class Avogadro::QtGui::MultiViewWidget

class Avogadro::QtGui::MultiViewWidget : public QWidget

A widget that contains other views, taking on responsibility for defining the active view, the layout of the subviews and ownership of the widgets.


Marcus D. Hanwell

Public Functions

explicit MultiViewWidget(QWidget *parent = nullptr, Qt::WindowFlags f = 0)
~MultiViewWidget() override
void addWidget(QWidget *widget)
QWidget *activeWidget()

Get the currently active widget.


The active widget.

void setActiveWidget(QWidget *widget)
inline void setFactory(ViewFactory *factory)
inline void setDefaultView(const QString &viewName)

Public Slots

void splitHorizontal()
void splitVertical()
void createView()
void removeView()


void activeWidgetChanged(QWidget *widget)