Class Avogadro::Rendering::Scene#

class Scene#

The Scene contains data ready to be rendered.

A collection of geometric primitives ready for rendering. This is highly targeted for fast rendering on modern OpenGL 2.1/ES 2.0 GPUs, but can also be adapted and rendered using other approaches.


Marcus D. Hanwell

Public Functions

Vector3f center()#

Get the center of the points contained in this Scene.

float radius()#

Get the radius, which is currently just the largest of the axis-aligned components of the positions.

inline GroupNode &rootNode()#

Get the root node of the scene.

inline const GroupNode &rootNode() const#
inline void setBackgroundColor(const Vector4ub &color)#

Set the background color of the scene (default is black).

inline Vector4ub backgroundColor() const#

Get the background color of the scene.

inline void setDirty(bool dirty)#

Mark the scene as dirty, primarily to ensure radius/center will be recalculated.

inline bool isDirty() const#

Has the scene been marked as dirty?

void clear()#

Clear the scene of all elements.