What’s New in Avogadro 2#

Avogadro 2 represents a major update to the program, rewritten from the ground up. Many years were required to redesign the core of the program and bring over features from v1.0–1.2. (If you used any of the 1.90–1.99 betas, you may have noticed missing features.)

Thank you to all the developers, contributors, and testers of the beta releases. Without feedback and suggestions Avogadro 2 would not exist.

Major concerns in Avogadro 1.0 focused on stability (i.e., crashes) and speed, particularly with molecules or systems over a few hundred atoms. Avogadro v2 was designed for fast modern rendering and improved stability. It is a platform to make it easy to build the next generation of molecular and materials visualization and editing tools.