Class vtkAvogadroActor#

class vtkAvogadroActor : public vtkActor#

Wrap an Avogadro::Rendering::Scene in a vtkActor derived container so that it can be rendered in a standard VTK widget.


Marcus D. Hanwell

Public Functions

vtkTypeMacro (vtkAvogadroActor, vtkActor) void PrintSelf(ostream &os

Required type macro. Print the state of the object.

int RenderOpaqueGeometry(vtkViewport *viewport) override#

Render the opaque geometry.

int RenderTranslucentPolygonalGeometry(vtkViewport *viewport) override#

Render the translucent geometry.

int HasTranslucentPolygonalGeometry() override#

Does the actor have translucent geometry?

double *GetBounds() override#

Get the bounds for this Actor as (Xmin,Xmax,Ymin,Ymax,Zmin,Zmax). (The method GetBounds(double bounds[6]) is available from the superclass.)

void setScene(Avogadro::Rendering::Scene *scene)#

Set the scene on the actor, the actor assumes ownership of the scene.

inline Avogadro::Rendering::Scene *GetScene()#

Get the scene being rendered by the actor.

Public Members

vtkIndent indent override

Public Static Functions

static vtkAvogadroActor *New()#

Return a new instance of the vtkAvogadroActor.

Protected Functions


Protected Attributes

Avogadro::Rendering::Scene *m_scene#
double m_bounds[6]#
bool m_initialized#