Edit Menu#

The edit menu administers basic file revisions.


“Undo” will negate the last change to the document.


“Redo” will recover the last change to the document.


“Cut” will remove and copy a selection.


“Copy” will create a duplicate of the entire molecule or a selection, and place it on a clipboard.

Copy As#

“Copy As” provides text representations of the molecules present in the viewing screen. For example, selecting “Copy As” and “SMILES”, renders “C(=O)(C)C.O.O” as the output for the viewing screen below. This selection can then be pasted in a text document for external projects.


“Paste” recalls the last data copied onto the clipboard.


“Clear” removes all chemical structures from the viewing window.

Select All#

“Select All” highlights everything in the screen (this feature can also be found under the “Select” menu).

Select None#

“Select None” will dismiss everything in the display (this feature is also found under the “Select” menu).