File Menu#

The file menu provides the standard abilities of creating a new file, opening & closing documents, as well as saving documents. It also yields the capability to import files from various databases.


The “New” selection will open a new file in Avogadro.


After selecting “Open”, a file that has previously been saved is accessible through the pop up browser.

Open Recent#

“Open Recent” displays a list of documents recently launched.


“Close” dismisses the window currently open.


“Save” will maintain your progress.

Save As…#

“Save As…” allows you to save progress without overwriting the original file.

Revert to Saved#

“Revert to Saved” will revert any changes made to the previously saved file.


“Import” will open chemical files stored in a database.


“Export” will make files created in Avogadro suitable for other programs.